Sail Away by The Twilight on Soundcloud

The Twilight - Sail Away

Tracked rhythm and lead guitars for The Twilight's song 'Sail Away' on their 2020 Retrospective release. Listen for free on their Soundcloud.

Jordin Baas - Songs By A Human and a Tree

Jordin Baas - Songs by a Human and a Tree

Tracked drums for two songs ('Sand' and 'Don't Take Your Love') for Jordin Baas's album 'Songs by a Human and a Tree'. Check it out on Amazon Music, Apple Music, or Spotify

Greetings from the Imposter - Live

Greetings from the Imposter - Live!

Played 3 live performance sessions with Greetings from the Imposter at The Local / Club Anything and Club Garibaldi. Watch a videos from the show here.

Greetings from the Imposter - Rehearsal

GFTI - Rehearsal Footage

Prepared to play live with Greetings from the Imposter. Catch some footage from rehearsal here.

Mercury Crossing - The Takeover in Bandcamp

Mercury Crossing - The Takeover

Tracked drums for Mercury Crossing's album 'The Takeover'. Download the full album for FREE on Bandcamp.

Mercury Crossing - Red July and Social Graces Set Aside

Red July and Social Graces Set Aside

Tracked drums for Mercury Crossing's EP 'Red July' - and album 'Social Graces Set Aside'. Both available to listen to for free on Spotify.