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Sail Away by The Twilight on Soundcloud

Sail Away by The Twilight

Tracked rhythm and lead guitars for The Twilight's song 'Sail Away' on their 2020 Retrospective release. Listen for free on their Soundcloud.

Square Tactics

Square Tactics Updated

Updated full-color character art and a modernized card designs. Get a free print-and-play pdf copy of the core set.

Greetings from the Imposter - Live

Greetings from the Imposter - Live!

Played live performance sessions with Greetings from the Imposter at The Local / Club Anything and Club Garibaldi. Watch videos here.

Mercury Crossing - The Takeover in Bandcamp

Mercury Crossing - The Takeover

Tracked drums for Mercury Crossing's album 'The Takeover'. Download the full album for FREE on Bandcamp.


A picture of Camp Randall Stadium at UW-Madison

I am interested in many things - including professional pursuits in the software product development industry, original music creation and collaboration, and custom game designs. Contact me to discuss how we can collaborate.